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October 4, 2017
Two years went by where at one point the website went down, but I'm back with some awesome artwork to share with you.

I recently started going to the aRt Cottage in Concord, California where I was taught by Fro Gard to paint this rendition of Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party in Acrylic on canvas. The people in this painting are caricatures of my co workers at my full time job as a bus driver. This painting can been seen on the wall of the aRt Cottage. The R is capitalized because it's a place where everyone is welcome to be creative. It's ouR aRt Cottage.

I recently rejoined the International Society of Caricature Artists. They have a drawing contest on Facebook for members only. This was my submission of Calisse Basada, the subject chosen for the contest. I'm still waiting to see if I won.

I decided on a whim to acrylic paint the back of my office chairs. I used a photo reference. I like how the curves of the chair give the painting a 3D effect.

I drew this with a #2 pencil in about an hour.

Here is another sketch of my art studio I did last weekend
I have many more samples of my most recent work but I don't have time now to upload. I got to get ready for my other job.
Thanks of visiting. You can see more of my work on my Facebook fan page at

Tape sculpture

June 15, 2015

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Newly completed artwork

August 11, 2013

Women's Mud Run
Chalk Pastels and Vine Charcoal on 18"X24" charcoal paper
This took about 2 weeks to complete; about 6 hours total.
I enjoy working with the chalk pastels because they are so much easier than paint.
The colors blend so smoothly. Mixing colors to create shades or tints happens right on the paper instead of the laborious, time staking, and expensive process used with mixing paints to get the right colors before applying them on the canvas.
The process of applying the color to the pa...
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August 2013

August 10, 2013
Since January I have successfully completed 12 caricature gigs. I got to work with Zach Trenholm  at Fed X NFL Family Fun Day at the Oakland Colosseum. There were celebrity 49er football players there being interviewed by spectators at the event during the lunch break. I also got to work with Zach and Jon Casey  at the Drop Box Developers Conference in San Francisco Fort Mason. At this event we drew caricatures digitally using an app for iPad called Procreate. It was cool to get my first paid...
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How to Draw Portraits

January 17, 2013
The human head can be one of the most challenging things to draw because there are subtle details of a person's face that we recognize in each other, and if they are not shown in a drawing other people won't know who the person is. Seeing those specific things about people's faces that make them who they are and being able to describe them visually with line in a drawing is a skill that can be honed using a few simple guidelines.

The above illustration shows some ways we can start thinking ab...
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November 2012

November 25, 2012
The past several months have been slow for business. I started going to a painting class at Marcy Wheeler's studio
Here is a portrait painting I finished with the help of Marcy and other students.  Every week we meet and paint for about 2 hours.  Then there is a class critique where students help each other to improve in their painting skills.

I am very pleased with the way this turned out.  It would be great to continue to study portrait painting and really hone this skill with the intention...
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March 2012

March 5, 2012
Last month I joined the Lamorinda Arts Alliance.  I am looking forward to painting with there plein air painting group this week.  It turns out that my instructor Mira White is a member of the LAA too.  I am looking forward to making new creative and artistic friends.  Here is one of my recent drawings that I drew as part of a study in the class I am taking with Mira White:

You can see more of my illustration work by clicking on the illustration link from this website. 
Another new thing that ...
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2012 Resolution

January 24, 2012
In January I started taking a drawing with color pencils class at the local Civic Arts Recreation Center here in Walnut Creek California taught by Mira White.  In this class I have been discovering different ways to use color in my drawings.  Here is a sample of a homework assignment I completed for this week:

A Fugi Apple.

Blue and green over red create the shadow areas.  As the apple turns toward the light source we see a graduation from green to yellow.  I think this class will help me to pr...
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Origami By Stan Levine

August 2, 2011
In January 2011 I started learning origami from various instructional videos on the internet.

This dragon was folded out of $1 dollar bill.

This is a bear I folded, but it was originally designed by John Montroll.

This lizard is made up of separate pieces.  The arms and body can move independently.

This dinosaur is another John Montroll design I folded by following along with a video on YouTube.

I folded this frog from a video too, but I used special paper that I got from a craft store. 

A Dragon...
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September 2010 Update Continuted...

September 29, 2010
Where do cows go to have fun?


This drawing took me all day to complete.  I began with an 2H pencil to plan out the perspective and shapes of the movie theater.  Then I used a 4B to sketch in the different cows posing in the theater.  I went over all my marks with a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point  Permanent Marker, and erased all my pencil marks using a kneaded eraser.  That's almost half the day right there!  In a drawing like this, it's important to plan.  In a painting...
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