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How I got started drawing caricatures

March 24, 2019
It was a nice sunny afternoon in South of Market Street, San Francisco and I was standing in a line to buy some ice cream after lunch with my sketch book. The line was long and slow, so I started drawing the kid infront of me in line. His mom noticed my drawing and was so impressed that With what I had done she asked me how much money it would cost to buy it from me. That was the day I became a professional caricaturist. I got my first official gig for a birthday on Craigslist. Soon after that I started networking with event planners who booked my service at weddings and other special occasions. One year I drew caricatures for 2 different high schools, graduation nights on the USS Hornet. Then I got my first digital caricature gig using an iPad for a Dropbox company convention event. My drawing has taken me on adventures all over the bay area and I’ve meet a diverse crowd of people. 


March 2019

March 23, 2019
For the past 4 years I have been living a double life. In one life I have been working full time as a class B Commercial Driver operating a paratransit bus for passengers with disabilities 5 days a week. In the other life I haven been a professional artist drawing caricatures on weekends for parties and events. During the time when I'm not driving or drawing I am a father to 2 cats, a boyfriend, and a son. I try new things in an effort to stay inspired. For a while I followed many origami tut...
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January 2019

January 25, 2019
coming soon...

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December 2017

December 25, 2017
Over the course of the last month my art practice has undergone much growth and transformation. I started out a few months ago realizing how talented I am and that I should do something with it...Don't let it go to waste. So I got back into drawing caricatures for parties and events. Here is one I did for a client in Lafayette, California

I also drew caricatures for a client at San Francisco City Hall. It was a spectacular event. We were required to dress up in French attire and use French ea...
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New Artwork 2017 continued..

October 5, 2017
You got one life.
Make it awesome.

Water Color of a sleeping woman.

Feet Acrylic on paper

Kissing Acrylic on the back of an office chair

Caricature from a photo reference ink on paper

caricature of goofy looking faces ink on paper

More work coming soon!

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October 4, 2017
Two years went by where at one point the website went down, but I'm back with some awesome artwork to share with you.

I recently started going to the aRt Cottage in Concord, California where I was taught by Fro Gard to paint this rendition of Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party in Acrylic on canvas. The people in this painting are caricatures of my co workers at my full time job as a bus driver. This painting can been seen on the wall of the aRt Cottage. The R is capitalized because it's a ...
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Tape sculpture

June 15, 2015

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Newly completed artwork

August 11, 2013

Women's Mud Run
Chalk Pastels and Vine Charcoal on 18"X24" charcoal paper
This took about 2 weeks to complete; about 6 hours total.
I enjoy working with the chalk pastels because they are so much easier than paint.
The colors blend so smoothly. Mixing colors to create shades or tints happens right on the paper instead of the laborious, time staking, and expensive process used with mixing paints to get the right colors before applying them on the canvas.
The process of applying the color to the pa...
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August 2013

August 10, 2013
Since January I have successfully completed 12 caricature gigs. I got to work with Zach Trenholm  at Fed X NFL Family Fun Day at the Oakland Colosseum. There were celebrity 49er football players there being interviewed by spectators at the event during the lunch break. I also got to work with Zach and Jon Casey  at the Drop Box Developers Conference in San Francisco Fort Mason. At this event we drew caricatures digitally using an app for iPad called Procreate. It was cool to get my first paid...
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How to Draw Portraits

January 17, 2013
The human head can be one of the most challenging things to draw because there are subtle details of a person's face that we recognize in each other, and if they are not shown in a drawing other people won't know who the person is. Seeing those specific things about people's faces that make them who they are and being able to describe them visually with line in a drawing is a skill that can be honed using a few simple guidelines.

The above illustration shows some ways we can start thinking ab...
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