In January I started taking a drawing with color pencils class at the local Civic Arts Recreation Center here in Walnut Creek California taught by Mira White.  In this class I have been discovering different ways to use color in my drawings.  Here is a sample of a homework assignment I completed for this week:

A Fugi Apple.

Blue and green over red create the shadow areas.  As the apple turns toward the light source we see a graduation from green to yellow.  I think this class will help me to produce some great portfolio pieces that I will pitch to children's book publishers. 
I continue to work on the comic book, "Who Is It?...Doomsday!" in collaboration with writer David Moses.  It's a 30 page graphic novel.  All of the rough sketches are done.  Now I have been refining them with brushes and ink.  Here is a sample of one of the finished panels of the project:

So far I've illustrated 12 pages, so I just have 17 more pages until I finish.
I have also decided to volunteer my services to paint a mural for a local church.  I probably won't get started on that until February, but when I do, I'll take some pictures so you can see my progress.
Business has been slow, so have been taking this time to volunteer my services out to non profit organizations and fundraisers while beefing up my portfolio with new and improved artwork.
I am interested in doing some concept art for video games and movies, comic books and children's book illustration while continuing to serve as a caricaturist for local birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, and other events where a performing artist could serve as a way to entertain guests. 

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