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New Artwork 2017 continued..

Posted by Stan Levine on Thursday, October 5, 2017, In : Update 
You got one life.
Make it awesome.

Water Color of a sleeping woman.

Feet Acrylic on paper

Kissing Acrylic on the back of an office chair

Caricature from a photo reference ink on paper

caricature of goofy looking faces ink on paper

More work coming soon!

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Posted by Stan Levine on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, In : Update 
Two years went by where at one point the website went down, but I'm back with some awesome artwork to share with you.

I recently started going to the aRt Cottage in Concord, California where I was taught by Fro Gard to paint this rendition of Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party in Acrylic on canvas. The people in this painting are caricatures of my co workers at my full time job as a bus driver. This painting can been seen on the wall of the aRt Cottage. The R is capitalized because it's a ...
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