Since January I have successfully completed 12 caricature gigs. I got to work with Zach Trenholm  at Fed X NFL Family Fun Day at the Oakland Colosseum. There were celebrity 49er football players there being interviewed by spectators at the event during the lunch break. I also got to work with Zach and Jon Casey  at the Drop Box Developers Conference in San Francisco Fort Mason. At this event we drew caricatures digitally using an app for iPad called Procreate. It was cool to get my first paid gig drawing caricatures on the computer, but I am first and foremost a traditional artist. I feel that digital drawing and painting lacks the spontaneity and richness of detail that traditional methods provide. When I put the stylus on the screen or with a Wacom tablet it seems to me that I don't get the same line quality or richness of texture. Maybe in the future technology will advance to a level that can match all that traditional methods offer, but right now there can be no substitute. The way vine charcoal crumbles on the paper, or the load of paint and water on a brush is just not the same on a computer, because it's a simulation and it just can't provide the full richness of the raw experience I get form working traditionally. It's like trying to drive your car by remote control. You can't feel the road, or see every obstacle that's ahead. You're limited by a screen, where as with paper or canvas it's like being on a motorcycle with your full field of vision and instincts at work. I also worked with Digital Bionic on my first video scribing project. It's been a fun and exciting year of drawing caricatures, but it hasn't been enough to pay the rent. I received funding from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for truck driving school, and obtained a Class B Commercial Drivers License with air brakes and passenger endorsement. I continue to volunteer with Meals On Wheels delivering food to the homes of senior citizens and with the Lamorinda Spirit Van providing transportation for senior citizens to doctor appointments and shopping while waiting for employment as a delivery truck driver or bus driver. I've always enjoyed driving, and my DMV record is clean. When I'm on the road I feel independent. With most day jobs someone is always there looking over your shoulder telling you to go faster or do what you're doing a different way. I have always struggled with the  ambiguous protocols, office politics and social dynamics of most work places, but being paid to drive seems to bypass all of that. On the road you have your pre-trip vehicle inspection report, your manifest, and your training. It's pretty simple, and I like simple.
In addition to the job search and the occasional caricature gig, I have also been working on illustrating a graphic novel with David Moses for the past 2 years and now it's finally finished! You can find it on iTunes for $1.99 It's called Who is it?... Doomsday! I have also gotten into chalk pastels and charcoal drawing again. Here is something I recently finnished:

Now I'm working on another one. Here is a work in progress:

I have been adding color. These drawings are done on 18"X24" so they take a few weeks to get all the details in there.