It was a nice sunny afternoon in South of Market Street, San Francisco and I was standing in a line to buy some ice cream after lunch with my sketch book. The line was long and slow, so I started drawing the kid infront of me in line. His mom noticed my drawing and was so impressed that With what I had done she asked me how much money it would cost to buy it from me. That was the day I became a professional caricaturist. I got my first official gig for a birthday on Craigslist. Soon after that I started networking with event planners who booked my service at weddings and other special occasions. One year I drew caricatures for 2 different high schools, graduation nights on the USS Hornet. Then I got my first digital caricature gig using an iPad for a Dropbox company convention event. My drawing has taken me on adventures all over the bay area and I’ve meet a diverse crowd of people.