Last month I joined the Lamorinda Arts Alliance.  I am looking forward to painting with there plein air painting group this week.  It turns out that my instructor Mira White is a member of the LAA too.  I am looking forward to making new creative and artistic friends.  Here is one of my recent drawings that I drew as part of a study in the class I am taking with Mira White:

You can see more of my illustration work by clicking on the illustration link from this website. 
Another new thing that I got into this month was creating my first mural for a local church in Concord.
There are actually 2 murals that I'm working on.  The first one is 28 feet wide by 8 feet high of a scene in Plaka Greece.  The mural paintings are being painted on unstretched canvas sheets that will be hung on the walls for an event in May.
Here is my work on the first mural thus far:

The second mural will be 51 feet wide by 8 feet high.  I hope to be getting help from my friends at the LAA on this one next week.  Over the next few months I will be developing some concept sketches for murals that appeal kids. Themes like pirates, transformers and stuff like seems to be what the kiddos are into these days.
I am also pleased to be drawing caricatures again this year for the Campolindo High School Grad Night, and I am reaching out with my caricature talent to other schools in the bay area.  If you are someone who is looking to entertain the graduating class of a high school in the bay are of California, and I haven't contacted you already, please contact me with day and time your grad night will be, so I can report back to you with my availability. 
The best way to reach me these day is by e-mail.
Just click on the contact link on this website and should direct you to new e-mail with my address already placed in the "To" line.