For the past 4 years I have been living a double life. In one life I have been working full time as a class B Commercial Driver operating a paratransit bus for passengers with disabilities 5 days a week. In the other life I haven been a professional artist drawing caricatures on weekends for parties and events. During the time when I'm not driving or drawing I am a father to 2 cats, a boyfriend, and a son. I try new things in an effort to stay inspired. For a while I followed many origami tutorials on Youtube. I even got gigs folding origami for parties. Here is a list of the origami models I memorized and performed:
1. crane
2. beating heart (Action Model: when you squeeze the flap on the back the heart expands out and looks like it's beating!)
4. jumping frog (Action model: When you press down and slide your finder off the back it jumps up!)
5. cat
6. flowers in a vase
7. flapping dragon (Action model: When you pull on the tail the wings flap up!)
8. Batman
9. Yoda from Star Wars
10. barking dog (Action model: When you pull the tail the head moves up and looks like it's barking!)
You can find photos of my origami on my Facebook channel
For a few months I tried cooking.  I made all sorts of recipes. My favorite was the triple chocolate cheesecake with an Oreo Cookie crust. There was no restaurant or bakery that made it, so the only way to obtain it was to follow the recipe online. Cooking and the cleaning that goes with it took up so much of my time I stopped painting, and I was not happy about that. I decided it was time to get more focused, so now I just paint with acrylics on canvas and draw caricatures when I'm not working as a commercial driver. Even now that I have narrowed my focus to a more specific discipline as an artist I struggle with the realization that along with the painting I have to hit the pavement and hustle to sell my work, because it takes away from the precious time when I enjoy painting.
Last month I read a really good book called Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance by Ruth Emmie Lang. It's about a fictional character named Waylyn that was raised by wolves.  The novel was a great escape after work, and I think a daily reading practice promotes creativity.  Since I started reading everyday I experience increased intellectual ability in conversations and I feel more excited about life, because I never know what kind of adventure I'll have when I read my next book.
This month I went to a "Landscapes of the Mind" show at the aRt Cottage  in Concord. The" R" is intentionally capitalized by the owner to symbolize that it's a place for everyone to enjoy and create art.  I enjoyed meeting the artists at this show and learning about their process. The aRt Cottage recently partnered with the Concord Art Association .
Since I decided to focus on painting last year, and have a few finished pieces that need to get out and be seen so the world can experience the joy I have found in my painting obsession, I joined.
 Also, I visited the Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery A new pop-up art gallery in Lafayette that has a show called New Currencies with over 40 artists selected from an open call. I asked the liaison there how I could get in my paintings in a future show, and she told me my work has to fit the style they're looking for and I have to have a following on Facebook and/or Instagram. I am actively seeking opportunities to promote my art, make friends and be supported in my struggle to take my art to the next level.