It seems that I just can't make up my mind about what I want to specialize in.  I am so talented at so many things, that when I try to commit to just one discipline of the arts I feel trapped; like my fate has been sealed and there's no time anymore for self discovery.  Then every day is like a repeat of the last one, and that is just not good, so I had to jump out of painting for a little while and learn somethings about Flash Actionscript programming, and Javascript.  I've been learning about how variables work, and how to "Timeline Control," functions to make buttons serve as links on a Flash website.  My wife and I have a family to raise, and need to find a way to make some money, so I've been thinking about that too.  My art coach has influenced me in a good direction.  I've reformatted my Vision Chart to suite my pursuit of a "Jack of all trades," career in art.  Each month has a specific income goal to reach, that gets broken down in the vision chart into specific artistic services that I will be selling using the internet and phone.  Then, each creative service gets broken down into weekly tasks that I must complete to effectively promote and sell them to the general public, and meet my income goal by the end of the month.
Here are a few creative services that I will be offering in the months to come.

Portrait Illustration
Life-like and near photo realistic illustrations of people, pets or a favorite vehicle like motorcycle or whatever it is you take pride in driving on the open road, drawn with graphite or charcoal on 3" X 5," (tiny) 9" X12," (small) 11" X 14,"(medium) or 18" X 24"(poster size).  I will have some examples of this type of illustration, and pricing information online here by the end of the month.

Graphic Design
This is something that companies pay top dollar for.  They pay professional graphic designers to create ad, banners, billboards, commercials, and magazine ads to sell their products.  Some of these products contain photographic elements that are manipulated with software like Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign, ColdFusion, Flash, etc, sometimes the assets are completely fabricated using the software.  The software offers vector tools that allow the artist to create smooth even curves and straight lines that can be used to make resolution independent graphics that shine apart from the amateur artist working with marker pens in Mommy's basement at the age of forty-five. 
Yes, computers offer professional looking graphics that can make what a company sells or does clear and appealing in the fraction of the time that it would take a door-to door salesman. 
Now I want to let you all in on a little secret. 
That's right! The big software companies got us all fooled into thinking that you have to use Photoshop, or your products won't sell, but here is the truth.  There are dozens of open source (free downloads) of graphic design software that can get the job done just as well.
I recently downloaded a programed called GIMP, which is a lot like Photoshop.  Here are some things I've done with it:

This was all done in GIMP.  I just used the tools to create and position each element, and exported as a Jpeg file, but it could have been exported in any variety of other file types.

For this one, I started out by importing a photo of a paint texture I created with acrylic paint into GIMP.  Then I used the text tool to create these transparent letters "FAN," an acronym for Fine Art Network ( a group that specializes in building relationships for fine artists to help sell their work.)
There are dozens of tutorials online that guide you through just about any task you need to create deliver your graphic design products, and meet the requirements of your employer's needs. 
So one way to increase my income as a freelance artist is to do more work with GIMP and explore other open source graphic design software, follow the tutorials and develop skills that I can show and sell to clients internationally. 

I have been drawing caricatures since 2008.  I first learned to draw caricatures from the Academy of Art University in 2006 from Tana Ericson, a former Disney artist in a Drawing For Cartoons class.  A lot of caricaturists use chalks that blend well to create soft pastel-like, skin tones.  The disadvantage of working with chalk is that it smudges.  Some artists have special bags that nobody knows where they get to protect the chalk from sliding off the page in transport.  These plastic bags are expensive and bad for the environment, so I have developed an alternative method that is just as effective as the chalks for drawing caricatures.  I use a combination of ink markers and color pencils on acid free sketch paper. 
Here is a sample.

Luke Skywalker  from the movie Star Wars.
This caricature was drawn in 5 minutes.  It captures the likeness and exaggerates Mark Hamill's features to a comical level.  Now imagine you're at a party, and I'm there drawing people.  When they see how they look as a cartoon character, they will laugh so hard they might pee a little! 
Now you're probably thinking, wow this is awesome, but I can't afford that.
For $50 an hour ( 2 hour minimum with $50 travel fee) I will drive anywhere within the Bay Area of California to draw caricatures at your party event.  That's $150 for 2 hours.  Drawing each caricature in 5 minutes or less, I can draw up to 20 caricatures an hour, that's enough caricatures for 40 of your friends to take home and hang on their wall to remember the great time they had at your party. 

Acrylic Paintings
While I have a show coming up in October, I can't wait until then to sell my paintings.  I'll keep the ones I'm bound to by a contract with the gallery, but any others I create can be sold at cafes, hotels, and private practices all over the Bay Area of California.  I just have to pick up the phone and ask business owners if it's okay to display my work on their walls.  If a painting sells, the owner could take a percentage.

Other Developments
The more I learn about Javascript, the closer I get to creating video games that I want to upload to a website for people to play for free.  That way you will be able to see my programming skills at work, and decide if you want to hire me to create something special for you!
I am also working on something I call a Vision Comic.  It's a comic book about me, and what I would like to see happen in my life's future.  It's a lot of fun, because I can make anything happen.  This is a great way to keep my drawing going, and maybe develop something profitable in the process.  I think it would be awesome to create and publish my own comic book.  I just have to decide what it will be about, or it will just be a comic about nothing!
I also want to create more Flash animated shorts, and compile them together as a DVD that could be sold on Amazon for $20. 

Being multi-talented makes it hard for people to understand what it is exactly that I do.  When business professionals ask, "so what do you do?"  And I do lots of things, it's not an easy question to answer.  The best way to describe it is that I'm an artist, but not just any specific kind of artist, but renascence artist with skills of Leonardo De Vinci's caliber.  Leonardo was not just a painter, but a writer, a scientist and an engineer.  He devoted his life to using his full metal capacity to accomplish all he could in his lifetime.  That is what I strive to do, and I think to do otherwise would be as gratifying.