The past several months have been slow for business. I started going to a painting class at Marcy Wheeler's studio
Here is a portrait painting I finished with the help of Marcy and other students.  Every week we meet and paint for about 2 hours.  Then there is a class critique where students help each other to improve in their painting skills.

I am very pleased with the way this turned out.  It would be great to continue to study portrait painting and really hone this skill with the intention of gaining a more intimate understanding of the art of painting.
For fun (outside the class or work environment) I recently finished a water color portrait painting.

This painting got some good feedback from my fans on Facebook.
I've also been playing around with an app for Ipad and Iphone called Sketchbook by Autodesk; the same company that sells Maya ( a 3D animation modeling program).  You can see some samples of that on my Facebook page.
A recent business development in my work as a caricature artist has been collaborating with Mike Kuehl, multi-media specialist at Digital Bionic  I was recently commissioned by this company to be recorded on high definition video cameras drawing cartoon illustration on a dry erase board as part of a presentation that will be broadcasted to the internet soon.
My collaborative illustration work with writer David Moses has made lots of progress too. I finished the final drafts of all the storytelling drawing for the comic book "Who is it Doomsday!" A graphic novel about a psychopathic killer hunting down all of the people he feels responsible for the death of his father. I started to add layers of digital color to all of the initial black and white, ink brushed drawings when Dave and I decided to add an additional scene.  There has been a lot of creativity and thought being focused on the art of the storytelling as well as the details to each image with the goal of creating something that looks convincingly real and beautiful to look at.  There is no expected time frame for when this project will be finished, because it is in development, and it can't be ready for everyone to see until it's finished.
Creating a caricature at a party is fast and fun, and there is a sense of delight from the results of the work put in, but true satisfaction comes from many hours of focusing on one project for as long as it takes to get the job done right.