In January 2011 I started learning origami from various instructional videos on the internet.

This dragon was folded out of $1 dollar bill.

This is a bear I folded, but it was originally designed by John Montroll.

This lizard is made up of separate pieces.  The arms and body can move independently.

This dinosaur is another John Montroll design I folded by following along with a video on YouTube.

I folded this frog from a video too, but I used special paper that I got from a craft store. 

A Dragonfly

A cat.  The paper and eyes that I glued on can all be purchased at a craft store.

An owl

I like  cats

This is a traditional Japanese crane.  This was the first thing I learned how to fold.
I enjoy making things  out of paper.  Often times, when I am at a restaurant bar, or cafe, I will fold origami and give it away as a gift to others.  I can also be commissioned to create origami at birthday parties. 
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