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2012 Resolution

January 24, 2012
In January I started taking a drawing with color pencils class at the local Civic Arts Recreation Center here in Walnut Creek California taught by Mira White.  In this class I have been discovering different ways to use color in my drawings.  Here is a sample of a homework assignment I completed for this week:

A Fugi Apple.

Blue and green over red create the shadow areas.  As the apple turns toward the light source we see a graduation from green to yellow.  I think this class will help me to produce some great portfolio pieces that I will pitch to children's book publishers. 
I continue to work on the comic book, "Who Is It?...Doomsday!" in collaboration with writer David Moses.  It's a 30 page graphic novel.  All of the rough sketches are done.  Now I have been refining them with brushes and ink.  Here is a sample of one of the finished panels of the project:

So far I've illustrated 12 pages, so I just have 17 more pages until I finish.
I have also decided to volunteer my services to paint a mural for a local church.  I probably won't get started on that until February, but when I do, I'll take some pictures so you can see my progress.
Business has been slow, so have been taking this time to volunteer my services out to non profit organizations and fundraisers while beefing up my portfolio with new and improved artwork.
I am interested in doing some concept art for video games and movies, comic books and children's book illustration while continuing to serve as a caricaturist for local birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, and other events where a performing artist could serve as a way to entertain guests. 

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Origami By Stan Levine

August 2, 2011
In January 2011 I started learning origami from various instructional videos on the internet.

This dragon was folded out of $1 dollar bill.

This is a bear I folded, but it was originally designed by John Montroll.

This lizard is made up of separate pieces.  The arms and body can move independently.

This dinosaur is another John Montroll design I folded by following along with a video on YouTube.

I folded this frog from a video too, but I used special paper that I got from a craft store. 

A Dragon...
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September 2010 Update Continuted...

September 29, 2010
Where do cows go to have fun?


This drawing took me all day to complete.  I began with an 2H pencil to plan out the perspective and shapes of the movie theater.  Then I used a 4B to sketch in the different cows posing in the theater.  I went over all my marks with a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point  Permanent Marker, and erased all my pencil marks using a kneaded eraser.  That's almost half the day right there!  In a drawing like this, it's important to plan.  In a painting...
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What I've Been Working On- September 2010

September 27, 2010
Hello Stanimation Fans!

It has been a few months since I've blogged.
Most of my progress can be viewed by checking out my work on this website.  I have completed a few more paintings.
I recently enrolled in a life drawing class.  I'll have some work to show you in the not too distant future from that class.
I am excited and looking forward with great anticipation to my art show at the Jewish Community Center in Walnut Creek from October 7- December 31.  I will be exhibiting 12 acrylic landscape p...
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Friday June 4, 2010 What I've Been Working On

June 4, 2010
Last week I got sick.  I think it was some kind of flew, but I'm better now. 
I've been working on promoting my photo realistic portrait charcoal drawings.  Here are a few ads I designed with Flash:

These are some high resolution images, so they'll probably take some time to load on your computer screen.  How much time depends on your connection speed.  If you have a slow connection speed, now is a great time to stand up, stretch, use the bathroom, maybe get some more coffee or tea.  It will p...

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May 26, 2010

24" X 30"
Acrylic on Canvas
by Stan Levine

When I paint on a canvas as big as this, I have to have a reason; I have to be inspired.  I have an archive of photos my wife takes from her Nikon that I go through when I need a reason to paint where I found a fantastic landscape of Mendocino's coast.  I like how the light travels through the painting along with the water.  There's something about it that makes me think of breathing in a meditative state. 
Before I painted "Breath," I began wit...

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May 26 2010 What I've Been Working On

May 26, 2010
It seems that I just can't make up my mind about what I want to specialize in.  I am so talented at so many things, that when I try to commit to just one discipline of the arts I feel trapped; like my fate has been sealed and there's no time anymore for self discovery.  Then every day is like a repeat of the last one, and that is just not good, so I had to jump out of painting for a little while and learn somethings about Flash Actionscript programming, and Javascript.  I've been learning abo...
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May 17 What I've Been Working On

May 18, 2010
This week I needed a break from painting.  I decided to look for ways to fulfill a long neglected dream of being a game developer.  I found this great webiste, that has a download of a role playing game engine written in Javascript by Pierre Chassaing.  I have very little programming knowledge of Javascript.  I was purely driven by my passion to create an online role playing game to study the Javascript files in the "Games," file that comes with the "Demo," Download.  ...
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What I've Been Working On

May 6, 2010

Last month I met Edward Zeidan, owner of an award winning computer support/maintenance business in Lafayette, California called Nerd 4 Rent.  He asked me to create a series of promotional post cards that will be mailed to customers.  I drew a few concept drawings, and the Nerd Bucks, concept seemed to appeal the most.  Here is the concept drawing that was selected for the next phase of production:

I used Flash Professional 8 to import the concept illustration.  Then, in a separate layer, I sta...
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What I've Been Working On

April 30, 2010
On April 18, 2010 I found an art coach.  In a book I've been reading called "How To Get Started Selling Your Art" (surefire methods and expert advise lead you to sales of your art) by Carole Katchen I read on page 24 that every artist needs a mentor, or someone who knows the art business that has time to help you make good decisions about selling your art.  My first assignments from my art coach, Paula Swenson, was to create a physical embodiment of my muse, keep a list of what I am feeling w...
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