Hello Stanimation Fans!

It has been a few months since I've blogged.
Most of my progress can be viewed by checking out my work on this website.  I have completed a few more paintings.
I recently enrolled in a life drawing class.  I'll have some work to show you in the not too distant future from that class.
I am excited and looking forward with great anticipation to my art show at the Jewish Community Center in Walnut Creek from October 7- December 31.  I will be exhibiting 12 acrylic landscape paintings at this show along with 2 other local artists.
Today I worked on some illustration. 

I call this one Idiot Darts.  It shows what happens when we label people (name calling).  I was influenced by a book I've been reading called Non Violent Communication by Marchall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. 2nd Edition.  Labeling reinforces the very behaviors we are trying to correct.  The book says recommends we handle our anger in a more amicable way by focusing on what we are feeling, needing, and requesting.  When we use what the book calls "Life alienating" communication by making demands, using threats, and coercion methods of communication, we may get what we want, but every time we do this, we are decreasing the chances of getting what we want in the future. 

A Tennis Joke
When the tennis racket was done playing tennis with the tennis ball the ball said "I GOT TO BOUNCE!"

Well, that's all I've got time to show you right now.
I'll be back soon with more!

Stan Levine